3 Books to Read.

These are 3 books that will be worth reading at some point for us moving forward; I’ve included the little blurb that comes with the back cover. If there are enough people interested in a particular book, I’d be happy to follow along and maybe post thoughts about the material from time to time (OR we could have direct contributions posted on here as well!) Here they are:

  1. Stop Dating the Church: Fall in Love with the Family of God (Joshua Harris)
    “Are you dating the church? We are a generation of consumers, independent and critical. We attend church, but we don’t want to settle down and truly invest ourselves.  We’re not into commitment – we only want to date the church.
    Is this what God wants for us?
    Stop Dating the Church reminds us that faith was never meant to be a solo pursuit.  The church is the place God grows us, encourages us, and uses us best.  Loving Jesus Christ involves a passionate commitment to His church – around the world and down the street.
    We can’t be apathetic.  It’s time to fall in love with the family of God.”
  2. Nine Marks of a Healthy Church (Mark Dever)
    “What makes for a healthy church?
    You may have read books on this topic before – but not like this one.  Instead of an instruction manual for church growth, this classic text offers tried and true principles for assessing the health of your church from a biblical perspective.  Whether you’re a pastor, ministry leader, or an involved member of your congregation, studying the nine marks of a healthy church will help you cultivate new life and well-being within your own church for God’s glory and the good of His people.”
  3. The Peacemaker (Ken Sande)
    “Peacemaker Ministries president Ken Sande gives practical biblical guidance for conflict resolution that take you beyond resolving conflicts to true, life-changing reconciliation with family, coworkers, and fellow believers.”

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