A Church That Welcomes Sinners – Discover


It’s often difficult to know exactly how to engage with our own sin, the sin of those around us, and the sin of those in the church; often, we opt to either be overly gentle about sin (to the point of almost accepting it) or overly harsh about it, removing God’s grace from the picture.  How do practice engaging with sin in forgiveness within the church? 

“It’s a challenge to practice forgiveness, but because of the gospel, God commands that his people forgive. Yet, forgiveness brings with it true love—a love that doesn’t allow victims to suffer, abusers to maintain power, or the weak to remain voiceless. With forgiveness comes a love that is bold enough to seek real reconciliation and repentance. It’s a process, but it is a work that God has promised to do through the Holy Spirit.”

Source: A Church That Welcomes Sinners – Discover

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